What is a NZ Motel?

New Zealand motels differ from motels around the world. Motels are where the majority of New Zealanders stay when away on holiday or travelling for business outside the major cities. While in some parts of the world people have a negative perception of "motels", with a New Zealand motel you will generally find a locally owned business with clean and well located rooms. Free Parking near your room is also provided. Most rooms will also feature some form of cooking facilities, should you not always want to eat in a restaurant - which is often the case on a long holiday - all Cottages feature microwaves.

Motels generally offer studio rooms along with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for larger groups, all with their own private bathroom.

Motel rooms have televisons, made-up beds with linen supplied. Breakfast is usually available and can be often ordered the previous night for delivery to your room if required.